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Welcome to Ekapress Publishers

Professional Publishing House

We are a Book Publisher that specializes in helping exceptional authors publish their literary creations. We can help you write, edit, design, and distribute your novel or nonfiction work. We publish our titles in paperback, hardcover, and the popular eBook and audio book format. Contact us to learn more about becoming the next Ekapress Publishers author.
We provide consulting services, design illustrations, cover page, book ideas, book reviews, voice over to for audio book.


Next Publication

Ojass - The Superhero of Shyamavali

The story is about a boy who saves his village from evil forces. Child Novel (with illustration)

Poos ki Raat (French)

Poos ki Raat (original in Hindi by Premchand, translated to French). It is a perfect explanation of farmer's life before independent. Simplicity of book and realism are key points in the story.This is a story of a tenant farmer named Halku and his plight against zameendari system(landlordship) prevalent in colonial India.


How much it costs to publish with us?

We are known to provide best services at very reasonable cost.

We are a group of experts and together we own this publishing house which helps us to keep the cost low. We firmly believe that a book is a result of lot of hardwork and effort put by the author and no one but the author deserves to make money. We at EKA Publishers do not make any commission on the printing. We charge you the exact printing cost and nothing else. How do we make money? We make money only if you decide to take our service. And remember, the services are purely optional. We provide range of services from Writing, Editing, Formatting, printing, Cover page design, illustration design, online/offline retail distribution, etc.

How to Publish your books with us

1. Send us your book proposal to: ekapresshyderabad@gmail.com
2. Wait for approval communication from us.
3. Create your manuscript as soon as possible and send to us.
4. Send us your Book cover page or we will design one for you
5. Format your book as per retail distribution guidelines
6. We will apply an ISBN number for your book
7. Set your book price
8. Leave the rest to us


Contact Us

Replay Social Cafe, 3rd Floor Baskin Robbins Building, Shilpa park, Kondapur, Hyderabad


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